(Frequently Asked Questions)

Why pump concrete?

Besides time and labor savings, concrete pumps offer steady, reliable, predictable flow of concrete that enables precise control at the batching source, resulting in a smooth-flowing operation that maximizes the utilization of labor.
Also, concrete pumps are ideal in the following situations: Hard to reach areas, such as house foundations, high rises, and large slabs; when you do not want to destroy landscaping and/or decorative driveways.

Do you supply the concrete?

No. You will need to contact a ready mix company to order your concrete. We only supply the concrete pump and operator.

When should I schedule the pump?

As soon as you know when you want to pour. Pumps get booked fast, months in advance for the larger trucks. The sooner you schedule the pump, the more likely your pour will get done the day you choose.

Why do I have to give detailed information?

We need precise directions to get our drivers to your job site. These trucks are large and hard to turn around. Also, the pumps may not be able to drive on all roads. Our staff needs exact locations to map our the best possible route for the driver to follow. We also need details about your job conditions/requirements so that we send you the correct equipment/supplies for your situation.

Where will the pump be set up?

This is a crucial item to relay to our staff. The boom of the pump truck requires steady, level ground that is not to close to job site hazards (excavation, power lines, job site road paths, etc..).

What if it rains or I'm not ready?

If you are doubting the weather or you are worried you might not be ready for the pump, we will set up a "Will Call to Release". What this means is the pump will not leave the yard until you call and say the job is a go. This will ensure that there is no confusion and you are not unnecessarily charged. If the truck leaves the yard and you cancel, you will be subject to a cancellation fee. If the truck is onsite and you cancel, you will be subject to Travel and 4 Hour Minimum Charge (if onsite longer than 4 hours, it is hourly charge).

What information will you need?

We will need the following information:
Date of Pour, Time on the Job, Pour Time, Exact Address/Location, Precise Directions, Contact Information, Ready Mix Company, Mix Design, and if a bigger pump will set.

What are pumpable mixes?

We can pump a variety of mixes, but not everything is a "pumpable mix".  There has to be a certain ratio of cement material, stone, and sand. Contact the office to see if we can pump yours.

Are you a Union company?

Yes, Operating Engineers Local 139.

What is priming the pump?

Priming the pump lubricates the pipe line so concrete moves smoothly. There are three ways to prime a pump: Portland Cement (no aggregate/stone), 1/2 yard of grout, and Prime Time II.
Which method needed depends on mix designs and type of system used. This will be determined at time of scheduling.
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